Alone but not lonely

By Krunal Kahar

Paradoxes of nature and form


SIZE : 30x14 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

I like to explore themes of cohesion in depletion. For instance, a particular sculpture of mine depicts large wooden leaves and small brass elephants on top of and surrounding the former. This, to me, spoke of a message of paradox, with the unreal scale of the motifs. The miniature elephants are navigating the leaves almost resembling the behavior of ants — a take on the interesting nature of elephant families in the animal kingdom, wherein these large mammals form herds and group themselves into familial structures, almost identical to humans. They stick together through the harshest of circumstances and weather, and travel in tightly-knit clans — a strong sense of solidarity dominates their existence. This shows similarities to colonies of ants, which tend to display the same kind of behavior — albeit they are many thousand times smaller in form. This subtle juxtaposition is one I like to display in my works.

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