An early wet morning in Kolkata

By Arup Lodh

A special touch with the nuances of an impressionist cityscape


SIZE : 29x43 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

Artist’s Using watercolor, oil, acrylic and landscape techniques, my art attempts to sensitively render a strong impressionist style in a surrealist manner. The angle of flow of color and detailed treatment of elements blends a non-figurative aspect of Chinese calligraphic art with European realism — this brings in a sense of universality of expression, capturing both the subjective perception of a formless universe and the definite forms that populate it. Within this broad parameter are drawn other contrasts that are less blatant, but equally important. For example, there is juxtaposition between the mobile and immobile, highlighted in the depiction of statues of horse riders with coach horses and their drivers on the streets; or, statues of famous men with pedestrians on pavements. These contrasts are rendered more subtle by wielding a careful touch with proportions and details to create harmony. This same delicacy is also reflected in relations portrayed in landscapes. Take for instance the rendition of two horses nuzzling each other while the coach driver looks away absently at people walking nearby — this focuses on certain ambiguities of relations, and one wonders if the driver is looking away in embarrassment or is on the lookout for human eye contact. Perhaps it is even both, as the openness of animal contact may often force one to look away. I thoroughly enjoy communicating these nuances in the framework of a traditional urban landscape, and drawing the viewer deeply into the subject of my art.

More Information
Artwork caredo not wash
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumWater Color On Paper