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Her Journey and Where She Comes From.

Artist’s Story. The epiphany that led to G. R. Santosh’s philosophical self-introspection to study Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra that coincided with a resurgent interest in India by the West. At the hub of the neo-tantra movement.

  • Freedom By Akbar Ali Sunasara

    After studying Fine Arts and participating in numerous art shows, the evolution of my work remains an effort to document my thought process, through which I am trying to understand the world I inhabit. In the initial stages of this journey, my art was

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  • Realm Of The Black Sun 5 By Ankur yadav

    The range of inspiration that drives me at present is a deep melancholia — stillness and silence that suggests the aftermath of a disaster, or even the process of one, distilling into an essence of loss. Using oil on small ply board boxes, my art is

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  • Man With Four Hands II By Bibhu Nath

    I was born in the village of Gunupur in Odisha to a retired village postmaster who is a lover of art, and an artistic mother — her decorations in the times of festivals and poojas have been a staple in our lives. I grew up in a landscape of rich

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  • Blossom By Krishna Padiya

    A native of Saurashtra in Gujarat, my artwork draws from folk motifs and artisanal symbols. Among mediums I enjoy, playing with clay is a frequent practice, while I have a passion for metal casting — which has, in fact, become my most favourite way

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