Balance Of Life

By Ritesh Rajput

Reorienting material realities into new possibilities


SIZE : 30x20x12 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

While I completed my Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate diploma in sculpture from MS University, in Baroda, Gujarat, today I am a practicing artist based out of Vadodara. My art mainly explores possibilities of materials I am interested in. I constantly reorient the apparent characteristics and rigidity of surfaces — like marble, metal and stone — rendering a sense of ductility and malleability to them. My practice can be understood both as material-oriented and one that orients materials constantly to forge new identities for them. My earlier works were more laborious reproductions that manufactured an end result similar to the original utility object chosen to work on —shoes, slippers, garments and toys, among a bevy of commercial consumer goods. Later, however, they came to be more metaphorical representations of objects whose identity is taken from everyday life. My work delves into an understanding of demand and production of material things. It is an ongoing search for the best way to interpret the idea of myself and the world I inhabit. I try to perceive human behavior unseen to all — struggle, sadness and fundamental changes in human personality influenced by ultimate compassion. Art is made to invoke emotion. My sculptures are a communication of the innermost self. They create illusions and questions in the mind of the spectator on different possibilities for known realities. My work process includes on-site research, where I begin by observing and documenting shops , stalls, objects and people. My practice strives to catch both the technical aspects and essence of spaces or objects. This has not only helped me curate my ideas and thereby my sculptures, but now I am also working with site-specific installations, recreating places that people can visit and interact with.

More Information
By Artwork TypeSculpture
SculpturesMetal, Brass, Stone
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumBrass, Metal, Stone