Balancing Act

By Anju Paliwal

Seeking the beauty that lies within


SIZE : 30x24x12 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

The raw nature of people and their hidden emotions have always attracted me. This manifests in my artworks, where I try to imbue raw, manmade objects with feelings and life. My art is attracted to used metal objects as a reflection of the people around me. Raw old metal scrap may seem dead, but I see life in it. This is what I pick up and use as material to bring life to the object and form. My own experiences, observations, fantasies coalesce in the process and are almost drawn out as already existent in that scrap material. An abiding interest in Indian aesthetics is also an indirect but important quality seen through my artworks. My work process includes selection of the main form that enfolds living matter within, after which supportive forms are selected. There is a great amount of acceptance and rejection that goes hand-in-hand for the final output to be created. With time, there has been progress and evolution in my working process, providing me with multiple approaches towards my subjects. My more recent art practice is more concerned with forms developed from everyday objects in my surroundings, out of which I see new life growing. I follow my instincts to pre-visualize objects in new forms, overlapped by an influence of the behaviour of people around me — a perspective common to both my drawings and sculptures.

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Artwork caredo not wash
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap