Belonging I

By Veena Singh

The potter’s wheel of creation


SIZE : 9x9 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My journey towards the realm of expression began with canvas and color. Abstracts fascinated me and I always tried to discern meaning from formlessness. Meanderings born from this yearning took me through varied routes and I my longing was expressed through graphic mediums of lithograph and print. The results were random, but impregnated with infinite possibilities of exploration. Still, this journey, albeit satisfying, left me searching. I never wanted my creations to be limited by my own imagination or skill — the medium had to be to be an equal collaborator. The urge to mold with my hands and connect itself became my medium and led me to clay — and it gave me the freedom I had always longed for. I tried to infuse this new medium with my experimentation in litho and print, mixing in color and different patterns. Although this was my own discovery, I later found that it is an established form of pottery practised by the Japanese, known as ‘Nerikomi’. Working on the potter’s wheel is intensely fascinating. In some ways, its motion defines the very idea of eternity and life continuum. The clay on it holds immense potential — it is like witnessing an act of creation, constantly evolving, a mortal on the arrow of time taking form, growing, attaining character. After working with stoneware for some years, I also started dabbling in porcelain — in some ways almost like going back to my white canvas. Its seemingly contradictory properties are incredible —

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By Artwork TypeSculpture
Artwork caredo not wash
SculpturesStoneware Clay
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumStoneware Clay