Conceal pain III

By Richa Aarya

Unravelling regression against women through art


SIZE : 72x40x24 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

I hail from a small village in Haryana, called Samalkha. My village has seen practically no progress with regard to the regressive environment provided to its women. My artwork represents a cumulation of my personal experiences dating back to early childhood — namely, the varied personalities, behaviours and situations I’ve encountered. What has always struck me about where I come from is the magnitude of struggle that housewives and women in general have to undergo throughout their lives. I’ve attempted to use stitching to create patterns, representing what I feel should be the level of cohesion and appreciation for everyone who participates in society. I believe that even the smallest cog in the grand machinery of life contributes as much as the biggest. I have considered indoor and outdoor forms in my work, the responsibility for which falls solely on women in my society. I’ve also used wood and waste iron cane in my work, interlacing it with stitching. I want to show the contrast between the immensely difficult life of a woman, and how she incorporates this into her existence, all the while pulling herself up towards positivity.

More Information
SculpturesSteel, Wood, Brass, Iron, Stitching On Iron Sheet
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumWood, Iron, Brass, Steel, Stitching On Iron Sheet