By Maitri Chheda

Finding the music that plays within ceramics


SIZE : Variable

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Meet the Artist:

My works are an attempt to explore the multiplicity and possibilities of ceramics, which is generally considered a traditional medium. For me, this medium moves beyond tradition. My work revolves around the aspect of the hollow space and the supportive elements of thickness and thinness of the material that is associated with it. Also, through a lyrical engagement with the materials, composing through rhythm, repetition and pauses, I hope to transform music into a physical manifestation. Hollow spaces are like silences from which sound is born. Although my work draws its inspiration from musical instrument, they do not entirely function as one and can be seen as ‘sound sculptures’. Taking the aspect of resonation of sound, I used repetitive patterns that represent sound waves. They also have an interactive aspect to it as the viewer needs to have a physical involvement with my work in order to bring out its entire aesthetics of the production of sound. Through experimentation with the ceramic object, I seek to reach an abstraction that transcends one fixed set of meanings to open up instead a more immediate, physical interpretation.

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By Artwork TypeSculpture
Artwork caredo not wash
SculpturesStoneware And Terracotta
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumStoneware And Terracotta