By Swapnesh Vaigankar

The architecture of an artist's journey


SIZE : 40x20 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

Born in Goa, surrounded by flora and fauna, blue sky, breeze from the Arabian Sea and historic whitewashed churches all have a positive impact on my art practice. My work and studies have gone on to span Baroda and Lucknow, all of which reflect in my self-expression over different phases. The journey of any artist is more important than the outcome. My works range over themes of constructive, realism, symbolic, abstractionism as expressionist, illusionary landscapes and more, with high influences of Chinese and Korean paintings. Most of my works are based on the illusion of architecture, inspired by dynasties of the Kadamba, Mughals, Portuguese, British and more, all connecting in the same illusionary space. The line acts as a prime force as the spectator travels through and with it, seeing it attain the depth of aesthetic value. For the artist and spectator both, it is an endless journey, whether as a search or as meditation.

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