Ganesha 4

By Binoy Paul

Representing the mundane struggles of people via art


SIZE : 8 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

An inhabitant of the remote North-Eastern part of India, I hail from the Barak Valley of Silchar, Assam, and I am presently working as a freelance artist in this region. I find that the day-to-day activities that happen in my immediate surroundings are occupied by the varied endeavours of people — their struggles and hardships to survive in the materialistic world. It is their toil and needs towards fundamental necessities that keep their spirit engaged with the mundane predicaments they face. My creative pursuit is to explore these realities, both of the people and their active space, through different materials to bring out my vision and perception. I tend to concentrate on unconventional materials and their innovative use to fulfill the process of my creative imagination.

More Information
Artwork caredo not wash
SculpturesPaper pulp with Acrylic
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumPaper Pulp With Acrylic