In My Wonderland

By Kanika Shah

Unveiling a woman’s sense of self via nature


SIZE : 24x32 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

Where do I belong?” My present work unravels implied desires, with fluctuations of identity and the belongings of woman — the transition and displacement that is implicit in the event of her marriage, and that inner unveiling of her sense of self. It is also not just about these phases, but also their perception. And so, I depict the change through nature — just how it functions, evolves and manifests, so do we. My Bachelor’s degree in Painting and a Master’s degree in Printmaking have helped me dabble in different media, which has always been an important part of visually narrating my story. I present my daily journal on paper, using more than one medium, like traditional woodcut, watercolour, gouache, pen and mixed media. But, I mainly work with woodcuts as I enjoy the flow — opting for the reverse process from dark to light. My woodcut work is always more colourful, with bold lines compared to watercolours and etchings. I also like mixing different techniques together.

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Artwork caredo not wash
PrintsWoodcut print
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumWoodcut Print