Injury of Existence

By Cyrus Penuganti

The mesmerizing affair of water and stone


SIZE : 15x15x17 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My growing years in the gorgeous climes of Andhra Pradesh have influenced my art incredibly to depict the stimulating facets of nature I was blessed to witness. After all, the essence of making art is its reflection of life as we have experienced it! What inspired me most, even then, was the extraordinary relationship between the sea and the stones along the coast — ever since, the aesthetics of that form and the transcendental effect of water making love to stone have imprinted on my sculptural expression, drawing from that balance, rhythm, and reflection to breathe life into my creations. I also draw vision from the architectural genius of our country’s temples, and my artworks seek to echo that mesmerizing accord our lives share with the beauty of culture. Art plays an extraordinary role in nurturing the relationship people have with their faith. We have the most curious means of sharing our hearts with the universe, and the visual language with which people communicate everything from their deepest fears and sorrows to their gratitude thrills my very being. My art draws from the aesthetic and structural voice of Indian art, its grandeur, technique and balance — and introspection is key to my sculptures. But besides this, I also attempt to revive the essence of Indian art in a more contemporary way, building a bridge of communication between the present day audience and profound ideas of ancient Indian thought. Underlying this all, my motivation also lies in the singular touch of my individuality, believing that each artwork should voice my roots.

More Information
Artwork caredo not wash
SculpturesWhite Marble and Granite
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumWhite Marble And Granite