Innovative eye IV

By Vijaya Chauhan

Expressing visual art through the hidden language of Braille


SIZE : 25x6x25 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

A human with all five senses was once considered a ‘perfect creature’ — but imperfectness in any one sense would be treated contrarily, and they would have to follow a different metaphor to communicate. My art uses these unusual elements of expression, which specially abled persons may use to learn and communicate. I am attracted to the mystery and transformative power of Braille. Early in my practice, my attention was primarily focused on the beauty of touch and experience of this knowledge existed in Braille. Accordingly, my work was formulated towards social gestures, with visual specifications. The evolution of my sculpture began in this realm while living with visually-impaired friends in my graduation years. The textures of the white surface in Braille and the expression behind every feel of touch fascinated me — it was visual presence that produced hidden dialogue, the language of silence. Braille letters combine to form words, then sentences and thus create feelings. My work is based on these expressions behind each dot. The script’s physical form provides an unknown mystery to the viewer. I always endeavor to make my art for the visually impaired. The assemblage of words in terracotta form has a specific pattern and hidden sentences, combining to form an essay hanging on the wall. Each part of the sculpture has its own identity, a specific word, some depicting color, some sentences. The medium produces a natural, raw and earthy impression of the dialogs I wish to deliver.

More Information
By Artwork TypeSculpture
Artwork caredo not wash
SculpturesBlack Terracotta, Iron and Wood
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumBlack Terracotta, Iron And Wood