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By Jyotiprakash Sethy

Art that speaks of the passage of time


SIZE : 42x90 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My body work which is try to address my personal view to see urbanization culture from day to day life full of rush peoples life , that I disconnecting and understanding alone living life of my present days. My mind, body and I exploring unique sense of balance. These things are happening by listen classical music and spiritual discourses. Properly I paint layer by layer and then easer all layer one by one, lingering on inner moments bringing them to life with soft motion and brilliant tones is the essence of my work. When I see life?s of humans and their past, present and future they all effort and struggles are become to run out. In the contemporary world, however, we appear to resist such significant integrating imagery, which are more evident perhaps in past culture, where in people seem to have regarded passage of time rather more ambivalently, as being at once related to their personal predicament and to a larger cosmology.

More Information
By Artwork TypePainting
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumSoft Pastels On Mount Board