By Bharti Verma

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SIZE : 23x30 Inch

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Having lived in New Delhi all my life, I have never witnessed this city to be placid or silent. And yet, amidst the crowd, I find myself alone — my only solace is within the space I create in my art. While the actuality around me is congested, my painting is an imagery of a mystical landscape, its creation being a way for me to communicate with my dream reality.
In my childhood, I was different from the children who would marvel at clouds and birds — my fascination lay in the aerial view of the cityscape. The fascination with brick and mortar structures found a voice during my student years in Fine Arts, and since then, imitative sketches have evolved and become an intrinsic part of my visual language. This search for solace has also connected the objects of the past that lie in my memory with the present, which comes into being through my art. I long for these relics as much as I long for solitude, and the art is a conscious attempt to attain both. My monochromatically painted works meld a more current existence with memories, by symbolically infusing colored imagery only into certain objects. Often, the city is a framed contour of the object. This mystical composition also sparks a dialogue between the two facets of time.
My exploration also includes collecting and using found objects on a 2D surface, making installations and utilising kinetic objects to enhance the viewers’ engagement with the artwork.

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By Artwork TypePainting
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumAcrylic And Pen On Sheet