Untitled I

By Chetan Mevada

The mesmerizing use of structural patterns


SIZE : 8.5x12 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

We are surrounded by structural patterns everywhere, whether in daily life, observations, phenomena of the physical world, man-made objects and more. They in turn also activate psychological structural patterns. These structures are a combination of lines, spaces, forms, colors, the human anatomy, man-made things, aerial views of nature and land, and more. While there is repetitive activity of these patterns in my surroundings, I tend to select things according to my aesthetic experience and use them in my art practice, as I am mesmerized by these forms and decorations. For me, animal figures become a metaphor for showing human daily life acts, as well as our cosmos. Internal body forms highlight structure and symmetry. These collide with geometric patterns to collaborate in my art and create interest. Interior and exterior spaces along with fragmented elements with different perspectives help me build complex compositions. They all merge together in a rendition that is both real and imaginary. Paper cuts are a recognizable and different part of my skill. They help my composition reach another illusionary surface and add another dimension to flat plates. Once more, this creates a larger, more complex vision by overlapping elements, all coming together as my own distinct visual language.

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