Migration 1

By Ranjeet Kumar

Stepping between spaces through the art of migration


SIZE : 11.81x 9.85 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My work has diversity of exploration when it comes to recreating images between two objects or shapes — it is a dialogue about living space and the psychology of abandoned space, or moving to another place. Most of my last few drawing and etching prints have been about the flux of change, or of finding one new home after another. Initially, I practiced more experiments in material value and its transformation, like turning etching prints into paper boxes or paper bags, and printing zinc plates to turn into kitchen vessels — an interpretation of the placement of rural and urban spaces in different ways. But eventually, the migrant culture captured my imagination. As such, my works are careful examinations of my relationship with my father and his profession, or how he left his established business. I am deeply influenced by the concept of migration and observe construction site labourers and their lifestyle, too, as a resource of inspiration. Labourer migration is an extremely common phenomenon in India, often thanks to poverty and unemployment. Without proper access to education earlier, many land up in menial jobs in big metros. They adjust, move and settle in short time periods, work and move again and again with family. With them lies a brand new perspective of a familiar routine, but with a new place, language, culture and behaviour to understand. Young migrants often feel socially isolated and this takes an emotional toll on them. My work is based on such an existence, and the multifaceted interpretation reflects the everyday rural experience.

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