By Animesh Mahata

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SIZE : 28x9x8 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

For me, art is a language. I express my personal feelings and thoughts through it, and it gives me pleasure and satisfaction in turn. Essentially, art is one’s communication to the outer world, a visual medium that carries the heft of your experiences. Skillful manipulation of the medium helps in personal epiphanies, and it even forms a vent for frustrations, limitations and negativity — something that is routinely reflected in my sculptural subjects, for instance. An awareness of what is happening in society also gives me more context to formulate my sculpting, and develop a unique visual language. I have always had a strong fascination for figurative sculptures, whether human or any other animated living object, be it frogs, birds, insects or goats! Another common factor in much of my work is realistic stylization of the form — and a sense of humour

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Artwork caredo not wash
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap