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By Monika Thesiya

A layered approach to illustrative art


SIZE : 30x34 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My art speaks of my journey, both in actuality and metaphorically. As I move ahead, all my good experiences are distilled into what I create, and my projects are often quite literally based on architectural forms and events encountered in my travels across different cities and villages of India. The paintings attempt to balance color and sensitivity in terms of overlapping forms, illustrations, and transparency, composed not just out of my ideas of space by also my memories. Ultimately, this art carries the pennant of freedom of thought. This tenet can be demonstrated via the diverse experiments in every single painting of mine, or the techniques I have personally created to showcase my artwork. For instance, to differentiate my work, I create my own papers. I have referred to artists for papermaking; in my work, I stick varied papers of the appropriate quality onto one another layer by layer and compose thicker canvases — which lets me not just create my own effects and textures, but also my own style. I also highlight line drawing and variation in most of my paintings, using contrast colors to break down the aesthetic, varying shades, developing new shapes, lines and natural objects, working with burning effects, and more. I also refer to illustrators and show illustrative compositions to keep improving my artistic graces. All in all, this is how each project represents my mind, ideas and feelings.

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By Artwork TypePainting
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumMix Media On Paper