Temperament 3

By Pranoti Malkute

Looking at women through the lens of the fruit


SIZE : 7.10x9.10 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

This display aims to catalogue the stages of life, metaphorically referring to the condition of women. Through different stages of decay, I have represented the different stages of life. The dramatisation of the fruit acts as a canvas for me to highlight and focus on some of the social and moral challenges faced by women in our present-day society. The value, or as one may say “beauty” of the “cut fruits”, changes with time.
On display here is a personality, a character, a portrait, at a particular time and space that characterises its identity. The idea of identity and sexuality is explicit, when we try to define the persona of the superficial. The “freshness” of the fruit is attributed to its outward appearance, nonetheless the inside changes in dramatic ways. This dramatic change is unique and no two processes are the same, and this is what creates; this is what characterises. What seems like an unassuming object for one represents divinity, beauty and perfection for another.

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