By Tribhuvan Kumar

Themes of nature interacting with common people


SIZE : 30x40 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

My fascination with art began in my childhood. As I sketched away, I received both appreciation and discouragement from onlookers. But I held on to my interest, watching painters colour walls and hope to follow their footsteps someday. As I joined a Fine Arts course, I did a lot of outdoor study and chose painting as my specialization — but felt the lack of challenge in the medium. Later, when I got admission to a graphics course at Indira Kala SangitVishwavidyalaya in Chhattisgarh, under the tutelage of V Nagraj, I learned etching, aquatint, lithography, serigraphy, woodcut and more. This journey led me to my art today, and its experimentation with mediums that mix techniques. In my initial stages as an artist, much of my sketches were of common people. These inspired me with confidence and became a recurring subject in my earlier work. As my process and vision evolved with internal discovery, so did experimentation with thoughts and the representation of subjects in my work. Today, a lot of my themes include people, workers’ families, and elements of nature like flora and fauna. The latter defines me as I feel one with nature, and always surrounded by it, how pleasant it is with supreme power. Its truth and symbolism always has great meaning and essence for us. Nature is more than a teacher. I always try to establish communication and harmony with nature in my art — sometimes, the representation of our body becomes a part of nature and at other times, a human head is depicted talking wisdom with a turtle. Turtles and their shells often play a prominent role in my art, as they execute a journey. Honeybee and dragonfly motifs symbolise hard workers and their beauty. Learning is an endless process and that, I feel, is represented in my work.

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