By Sanjay Kumar Raj

Depicting the assault on the rural and on nature


SIZE : 9X12 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

Hailing from the small village of Chandaut in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur district, I now live as a freelance artist in Lucknow. My surroundings become the theme of my art and change with time and space. My paintings focus on a journey of discovery in contemporary social and natural circumstances. I believe that we are all connected to art in one or way or another, with a unique individual perspective and use of various mediums to express thoughts and feelings. I have been close to the nature since childhood, and observed all its elements through my experiences — its creativity and the changes of its forms and shades, its softness and warmth felt in smaller settlements. The assault on this gentle truth and irreversible damage caused to the earth in the form of limitless constructions, modernization, pollution, exploitation of land, deforestation, concretization, rising use of vehicles, and more is a major concern I try to depict as a reflection of our reality — these inputs have led to outputs of extinction of species, earthquakes, drying rivers, disappearing ground water, barren forests, droughts, floods, climate change, global warming and pollution, endangering not just humankind but also other species of the ecosystem.My epiphany came while observing dark smoke marks on the walls of my home from household oil burning — and I realized what we have been doing to the planet on a greater scale for years together. I belong to a farmer family and thus, have witnessed difficulties faced because of such effects of climate change — repeated droughts and floods for years, infertile fields and unbloomed crop, hardships to seek education, lending of land and home to clear debts, committing suicides after failing to return bank loans and interests, failure to earn for self and family, forced child labor and more. Exploitation of natural resources and overt control of the same by richer classes has made the life of rural citizens a hell, with neither shelter nor enough food, just wandering in belief of the myth of a better tomorrow. I cannot ignore such struggles of particular communities; they are a major theme for me reflected in what I create.
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Size9x12 Inch
By Artwork TypePainting
Artwork caredo not wash
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumWater Color on Paper