By Jayasree Ghosh

Studying the One in the many differences of nature


SIZE : 23x17 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

The inspiration of my art comes from the manifestation of beauty in the daily occurrences of everyday life. While there are plenty of nature lovers, each imagines nature in a different manner, with a separate notion of beauty. Some find ecstasy in a thunderstorm, while some panic in the same situation. But perhaps they both enjoy it with the same feeling, imagination, and fantasies emerging from this unimaginable beauty.
Changes in season bring out the beauty in nature. Experiencing this change in the green bounty of nature generates an emotion that can’t be put into words. Each season paints nature in a new colour. Humans, birds, animals, trees, even insects participate in this celebration as they are a complementary part of nature. Observation of nature can result in the generation of art. Such observation makes one aware of variety, and observing variety results in skill. This variety comes from the existing flora and fauna.
Since I grew up near a forest, I have felt connected to the animal world since my childhood. While discussing my work, it can be said that the bond that humans and the rest of the animal world shares with nature, serves as my primary inspiration. Apart from the variety in their shapes and lives, they have their own essence, which I have reflected in my works through my imagination and emotions. According to Abanindranath Tagore, an artist’s observation is like a child’s observation; observing through mind.

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