Curator’s Pick by

Lina Vincent

Curator Speaks: “The representation of the body has been central to art’”

About the Curator

Lina Vincent, an independent art historian and curator with two decades of experience in arts management, will take us through a journey of art through her perspective for the coming two months. She is committed to socially engaged practices that reflect in the multi-disciplinary projects she has developed and participated in. The focus areas of her research include arts education, printmaking history and practice, the documentation of living traditions, and environmental consciousness in the arts. She recently worked on an Archival Museum Fellowship from the India Foundation for the Arts and runs the Goa Familia archival photography project with the Serendipity Arts Foundation. She initiated and headed the Piramal Residency Artist Incubator Programme 2019-20. Lina has curated numerous exhibitions with galleries across India and contributes to publications on art history and contemporary cultural practices. Lina has a bachelor's degree in printmaking and a master's in Art History from Bangalore University (2001).

Curator’s Note

Today, we are looking at our bodies differently – the nearness of sickness and mortality, the significant shifts in our social interactions, and the formal masking that we have to sheathe ourselves with, has changed perceptions of the body – singularly and collectively. In this altered state, expressions, gestures, and non-verbal communications of all sort have come to symbolise deeper meanings. Another aspect of this time is the compression of all images into screens of different sizes – this virtual reality has become an alternate world, one that simulates and stands proxy to the tangible, terrestrial world that we long for.